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January 19, 2013 / William Greenfield

Star Trials


Trying to teach myself how to photograph Star Trials

Lately I been experimenting with photographing star trials. This is the first image that I have been really happy with, it’s not perfect but is an improvement on my previous attempts.

This Particular attempt was made on the shore of Lake Eppalock in Victoria, Australia facing towards the city of Melbourne. The lines that converge in the center of the image are aircraft lights as the approach the airport. You can see a slight gap in the line they make which has been caused by taking one twenty second shoot every twenty-one seconds. In all I used two hundred and thirty images that I then layered in Photoshop the blend mode set to Lighting. The small gap in the star trails themselves are caused by the battery on my camera going flat and my not noticing for a couple of minutes.

Image Details

ISO 400


20 Seconds every 21 seconds using interval shooting mode.



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  1. willdrop / Jan 19 2013 22:49

    The lines of the planes converging make this photo, great work, I have been wanting to do something similar.

    • William Greenfield / Jan 20 2013 06:36

      Thank You very much. It is worth getting out and giving it a try, I had a ball and I got to hide from the heat we’re having here at the moment.

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