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February 21, 2013 / William Greenfield

The Dance of the Naked Flame

The Dance of the Naked Flame

This is from a shot I did the other night after an attempt to photograph a flower on fire. It did not work but I do believe what I did wrong and I will try again another time. So I decided to simplify things and see if I could just photograph the fire on its own. So I poured a little of the fuel onto an unturned jar and light it on fire. The results were quite nice once a managed to get the exposure right. The Final Photograph was made by combining the five the images in Photoshop.

Aperture: F/5
Exposure: 1/640
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 35mm

Be carful doing this. I tried it out side in the middle of a large patch of dirt so that the could not spread if a stuffed it up. DO NOT try on a day of total fire ban. Please don’t burn yourself or your camera and have someone else around (an adult) to help incase you need it. BE SAFE.


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