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September 19, 2014 / William Greenfield

Beechworth Asylum

Beechworth Asylum also known as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum in Victoria has been partly abandoned since the government closed it in 1995. These images where made in the hospital and the female wing which included the drying room. Some of the buildings and have recently been re-purposed but large parts of the main building is slowing decaying.

Beechworth Asylum - Window 2Beechworth Asylum - Window 3Beechworth Asylum - Window 1
I often wonder when I see these old building why more effort is not made to re-purpose them and make then useful to todays communities. Leaving them to decay because of a lack of money and some difficulty with the laws surrounding heritage buildings seems to be a big waste to me.

Beechworth Asylum - Authurised Personal Only
These images were made as part of a series exploring the decay of historical and cultural elements and the way many of them have been left to decay and rot in the name of prosperity. Beechworth Asylum - Drying RoomBeechworth Asylum - Morge

These images have been made on 35mm film and then scanned from prints made in the dark room.


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