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September 18, 2014 / William Greenfield

Eldorado Dredge – Analog Photography

img002 copy

The Eldorado Dredge in Eldorado, Victoria was one of the biggest dredges to operate in the Southern Hemisphere.

I made this image of the buckets that did the digging by putting my arm through the mesh of the window. I used a a really shallow depth of field to keep the eye focused on the buckets themselves. I have found that this is a particularly effective effect when using film.


Elderado Dredge

August 6, 2014 / William Greenfield

Light Reflection

Lights Reflections on a Wall

Lights Reflections on a Wall

Visiting Friends a couple of weeks ago I noticed theses lights that reflected their light onto the wall. I couldn’t leave without making an image. I find the way that the lights interact with each other causing the patterns to combine and interact with each other really fascinating.

April 16, 2014 / William Greenfield

Startrials over Lake Eppalock

I have made images like this one before and while this image is not that different from the others I wanted to try and so I could apply all the skill I have acquired on those attempts. For this one I wanted some detail in the lake so I travelled about a kilometre down the shore so that I could on top of a hill rather then the end of the boat ramp. I may have been helped here buy the intermittent cloud that was above me in this, this may also explain the red haze to the right of the city. I also bumped the ISO up to 800 to attempted to collect more light and thus more details in both the sky and the water.

Startrials over Victoria's Lake Eppalock locking towards the glowing lights of Melbourne.

Startrials over Victoria’s Lake Eppalock locking towards the glowing lights of Melbourne.

All in all I am very happy with this image and hopefully on the next attempt I can do better agian.

Photograph Details

84 Images
16mm Lens
30 Seconds
IS0 800


April 5, 2014 / William Greenfield

Lake Eppalock

Lake Eppalock, Victoria

Lake Eppalock, Victoria


This image of Lake Eppalock taking at night was made with an eight and half minute exposure. I wanted to try and replicate an image I had seen called “Harvest Moon over Puget Sound” seen by Michael Kenna. Unfortunately the longer exposure caused my battery to go flat before I could make a number of images that I could stack together, I have not yet had the desire to go back try again. I would like to try film as well and see if I can make the photograph with a single exposure.

April 1, 2014 / William Greenfield

Sunrise over the MCG

I have been a bit slack once again and have left off updating this blog for way to long.

So today I am sharing a photograph I made in Melbourne last week of the sun rising of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I was really captured by the number of people that stopped to watch and pulled out their phones to take a quick pic before running of to work.

The sun rising over Melbourne's world famous Cricket Ground

The sun rising over Melbourne’s world famous Cricket Ground

January 24, 2014 / William Greenfield

Greens Lake, Victoria

Greens Lake

While on a camping trip the other week I spent the night camping next to Greens Lake north of Elmore in Victoria. I made this image in the morning before climbing back into my swag and going back to sleep.

January 19, 2014 / William Greenfield

Paddy’s River Falls

Paddy's Flat Falls, New South Wales, Australia

On a recent trip to Southern New South Wales I visited a place called Paddy’s Flat Falls. I spent quite a couple of days there trying to hide hide from the heat and photographing the Water Fall all while drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Paddy's River Falls II, New South Wales, Aaustralia

Paddy’s River Falls II, New South Wales, Australia